SaphetyDoc portal new clients’ activation

Suppliers Registration - Sonae Modelo Continente

General conditions

Following the contacts made in the scope of the adhesion process to the Fatura Eletrónica - Sonae Modelo Continente project, the following information is given:

  1. The activation setup fee is fully supported by Sonae Modelo Continente Portal, when it comes to the SaphetyDoc portal. You only need an internet connection and the platform doesn’t integrate with your ERP.
  2. During the first year, all traffic transacted with Sonae Modelo Continente is also free of costs;
  3. Finished the first year, if you decide continue using the PortalWeb SaphetyDoc solution, you have to choose one of the following messages prepaid package presented below.
  4. The start date and end date of your contract corresponds to the same date plus one year;
  5. With 30 days in advance of the end date of the contract, we will contact your company to communicate the number of messages exchanged during the first year and present the most appropriate package according to the history of messages exchanged with its client Sonae Modelo Continente.


Prepaid rates:

Message packages* Price
50 documents 59,00€
300 documents 299,00€
Unlimited 399,00€


*Considered documents sent and received valid for 1 year.

The prices presented do not include VAT at the legal rate in force.

To proceed with your SaphetyDoc account setup, please fill out the form above.